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Earthquake Prep Quiz Answers:  

1)  What should you do if you experience an earthquake at home or office?

Correct Answer: Hide under a sturdy piece of furniture (desk/table), cover neck/head with arms
Pro Tip: The most important thing is to take cover and remain there until the shaking has stopped. 

2)  What should you do if you are in bed when an earthquake strikes?

Correct Answer: Stay in bed and cover yourself until shaking stops.
Pro Tip: Use a pillow to cover your head and neck. 

3) What should you do if you are outside when an earthquake occurs?

Correct Answer: Move to a clear area away from trees, buildings, electrical wires and poles
Pro Tip: They key here is to avoid areas that could have falling hazards. 

4)  What should you do if you are driving when an earthquake occurs?

Correct Answer: Pull over, stay in car, avoid bridges, powerlines 
Pro Tip: As long as you are away from falling hazards (Bridges, powerlines, etc) your car is a safe place to ride out an earthquake.           

5)  How long after an earthquake can aftershocks occur?

Correct Answer: Up to weeks after
Pro Tip: Aftershocks can sometimes be stronger than the initial earthquake. Be sure to stay aware of your surroundings after a initial earthquake. 

6)  How long should you wait to turn your gas back on after a major earthquake?

Correct Answer: Never, wait for the utility company to do it
Pro Tip: Have a gas shut off tool stored by your gas line so you can shut off your gas after an earthquake.

7) How many gallons of drinking water should you have on reserve?

Correct Answer: 1 gallon per person, per day for 1 week
Pro Tip: In dire situations you can find water in various places throughout the home: The Water Heater and the back of the toilet (although I would save that for last!)

8) How much non-perishable food should you have stored for an earthquake?

Correct Answer: 1 week of food per person
Pro Tip: Rotate your food supply every 6 months or buy non-perishable MRE style meals that have 5+ Year expiration dates.

9) If you had to evacuate, what is the one thing you would grab before leaving your home?

Answer: Earthquake/Emergency Bag
Pro Tip: Build or Buy an Earthquake Bag- These bags should have food, water, first-aid, communication tools and other emergency essentials packed away.

10) If you were separated from family during an earthquake, how would you reunite?

Answer: We would meet a pre-planned location
Pro Tip: Plan ahead. Cell Phones and the internet may not work for days after a major earthquake.

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