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Earthquake Preparedness Quiz Answers: 

Question 1: What should you do if you experience an earthquake at home or office?

Correct Answer: Hide under a sturdy piece of furniture (desk/table), cover neck/head with arms

Question 2: What should you do if you are in bed when an earthquake strikes?

Correct Answer: Stay in bed and cover yourself until shaking stops

Question 3: What should you do if you are outside when an earthquake occurs?

Correct Answer: Move to a clear area away from trees, buildings, electrical wires and poles

Question 4: What should you do if you are driving when an earthquake occurs?

Correct Answer: Pull over, stay in car, avoid bridges, powerlines               

Question 5: How long after an earthquake can aftershocks occur?

Correct Answer: Up to weeks after

Question 6: How long should you wait to turn your gas back on after a major earthquake?

Correct Answer: Never, wait for the utility company to do it

Pro Tip: Have a gas shut off tool stored by your gas line so you can shut off your gas after an earthquake.

Question 7: How many gallons of drinking water should you have on reserve?

Correct Answer: 1 gallon per person, per day for 1 week

Question 8: How much non-perishable food should you have stored for an earthquake?

Correct Answer: 1 week of food per person

Pro Tip: Rotate your food supply every 6 months or buy non-perishable MRE style meals that have 5+ Year expiration dates.

Question 9: If you had to evacuate, what is the one thing you would grab before leaving your home?

Answer: Earthquake/Emergency Bag

Pro Tip: Build or Buy an Earthquake Bag- These bags should have food, water, first-aid, communication tools and other emergency essentials packed away.

Question 10: If you were separated from family during an earthquake, how would you reunite?

Answer: We would meet a pre-planned location

Pro Tip: Plan ahead. Cell Phones and the internet may not work for days after a major earthquake.