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The Earthquake Bag partners with our customers to give back- $5 from every order is donated to communities recently affected by natural disasters

Combined with independent donations, we are targeting $50,000+ in 2017 in aid

2016 Giving

We launched our first give back campaign in September '16. With help from our customers, we gave $2,299 to the following causes:

Indonesia Earthquake Relief - $1,000
Italy Earthquake Relief - $1,000
Claremont Middle School PTA - $299

2017 Giving

In 2017 EQB is giving back $5 from every order, as well as collecting individual donations. We'll be donating quarterly to communities recently hit by natural disaster.

Our 2017 Goal - $51,300

Why We give back

The Earthquake Bag was created to make disaster prep simple and smarter, so more of our neighbors and friends would get it done. People are hit by natural disasters all the time. What wakes us up every morning is the challenge of making a tangible difference for real people- whether it's disaster prep or helping people recover from misfortune, making a difference drives everything we do.