What makes these bags the best? 

  • Hydration 1 Gallon of Water Per Person
  • Food 2,400 Calories Per Person 
  • Power Source Hand-Crank Phone Charger
  • Communication Radio & E- Whistle
  • First-Aid Bandages, gauze, ointments 
  • Shelter Tent, E-Blanket, Body Warmers 
  • Light Flashlight, Candles, Matches, Glowstick
  • Hygiene Toothbrush, Soap, Maxi Pads, Etc

Our Commitment to Excellence

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $50
  • 25 Bag Options tailored to you

The Best Part? 

$5 from every order is donated to Disaster Relief efforts We've donated thousands of dollars to families in need. Help others while preparing yourself. 

*Water is a combination of pouched water and water purification tablets

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Customer Testimonials

"Bag that's ready for The Big One...a survival kit with a millennial sensibility... The bag has everything you could need when everything goes wrong"

David Hochman- Forbes.com

"The bag is awesome! We are very impressed."

Alica Antonio- Bottle Poppin' Mama- CA

We got the package yesterday! Everything was ready to store and now we are ready for anything! Thank you VERY MUCH!

Dr. Julie Conzelmann- WA