Customer Reviews

"Bag that's ready for The Big One...a survival kit with a millennial sensibility... The bag has everything you could need when everything goes wrong"

David Hochman

"The bag is awesome! We are very impressed."

Alicia Antonio- Bottle Poppin' Mama

 Los Angeles

We got the package yesterday! Everything was ready to store and now we are ready for anything! Thank            you VERY MUCH!                      

Dr. Julie Conzelmann

Other Reviews

"Wow, I feel so great today- I have my family Earthquake Bag. Because my family and I live in California, we need to have a survival bag in place. They've taken all the survival essentials, tools, and comfort items together, it was easy to find the bag that's exactly what we need. I strongly recommend getting this done, before something happens." 

-Josh Schnee (Los Angeles, CA)

"Glad I purchased one. I survived the Loma Prieta quake and I understand the risks of a large quake here. Did that motivate me to create my own? Nooooo. I've worried about this for 10 years and did very little to prepare (procrastination at its finest!). It's nice to have peace of mind. I have the basics for my family and cats in ONE location."

-Tawna Wilsey (Snohomish, WA)

"I ordered one and I'm glad I did! No matter what it is always good to be prepared"

-Jodi Porozni (Portland, OR)

"Just received our bag for two.. AWESOME! It definitely gives you a sense of "comfort" knowing its there in case of emergency.. Thank you!!"

-Terri Bell Burns (Huntington Beach, CA)